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The Charger has been designed for charging batteries normally found in 
Golf Trollies. The charger fits into a standard 12v cigarette lighter socket, and only charges when the vehicle is driving, keeping your batteries charged free and ready when you need them.
All Golf Trollies with Anderson Connection. (other adoption cables available)
Giving out a 12v trickle charge .up to 5.2 amp output
Plugs into car lighter.
Automatically switches off if car not running.
LED's shows when connected, charging and charged.
Fused cigarette connector.
Output lead fits into charging circuit of Golf Trolley.
Free charging--always ready for use. Keeps batteries conditioned when left in the
Boot of a vehicle for prolonged periods..
Standard 20 amp hour battery pair fully charged in about 3.5 hrs.
Quicker if not fully discharged.
Size only 150mm * 100mm * 40mm (6 inches * 5 inches * 1.5 inches)

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